“You never know what you’re capable of, until you’re desperate.”



“Don’t force someone to be with you. only pursue those who want to be pursued.”


My birthday is tomorrow ( April 26 ) and I’m excited but at the same time I’m not.
Idk , maybe the stress from trying to start fresh is getting to me. I wrote my letter of resignation today, I just have to go and hand it it.
Idk I’m just overwhelmed with everything , which is both a good and bad thing . . .

My love. . .

I dream about you.
Whenever the thought of you Crosses my mind, a rampage of chills runs down my spine.
I’m eager to spend my life with you.
I’m eager to cater to you.
I can’t wait for you to come home from work and welcome you with a massage.
I can’t wait till you make me mad, just so that I can have you hug me from behind oh so tight.
I look forward to arguing with you , and then making up.
I’m curious to see how quickly you learn which spots on my body drive me crazy.
I’m anxious to discover your hot spots.
I can’t wait to cook for you.
Walk around in your clothes, just because they carry your smell
I can’t wait to fall asleep in your strong arms, as you run your fingers through my hair.
I wonder how much taller than me you’ll be.
I look forward to hearing you fuss whenever I take your car, I know I’ll forget to put your seat back to it’s initial position.
I dream of the day when your last name becomes ours.
I can only imagine how soft your lips will be against mine
I  can’t wait to have.

My future love, I can’t wait to meet you.